UK Kung Fu Directory

This site is hosted by IFX with the intention of providing links to traditional Chinese Martial Arts groups in the UK. This may be expanded to groups in other countries later.

All entries are made by the organisers of the directory - we do not allow clubs to do their own listings (although they may contact us at with corrections and suggested amendments which we may or may not accept).

The main exclusions from the directory are:

  • Clubs that are clearly engaged in Modern Wushu. This is not meant as a criticism of Modern Wushu, but this is intended to be a directory of traditional Kung Fu. Admittedly there are degrees of this, and some Modern Wushu will inevitably slip through the net, so only where it is really obvious from the respective web site will clubs be rejected for listing on this basis.
  • Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gung groups. This is not intended to suggest that these are not worthy of inclusion, but rather that there are so many of them that they would swamp the other groups in the listings. For information on Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gung classes it is best to consult Where clubs run classes in other Kung Fu styles as well as Tai Chi Chuan, then they will be included here on the basis of the other styles that they practice as long as the other styles are prominently listed on their web sites (preferably on the home page).
  • Web sites which do not clearly indicate which martial arts are being taught on the home page. Thus a site which advertises teaching generic “Kung Fu”, “Wushu”, “Kuoshu” or “Southern Shaolin” will not be included, but one that advertises, for instance, Wing Chun, Hsing-I, Pa Kua or Hung Gar will be.
  • Web sites covering more than five different martial arts, unless the site clearly indicates which are the main arts studied, and which are secondary. In any event we will not list more than three martial arts against any particular group.

If you would like your club or class included here please send a link to your web site to . Before doing so please ensure that the martial arts that you study are clearly indicated on your home page.

Lastly, please note that under each martial art heading clubs are listed simply in the order that they were put on the site, with new clubs being added on the bottom of each list (no precedence is implied by this).

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